Dateline... the day after ENIT. Nov something, 97


The ENIT Festival was... and it was positive... and it was packed... and it was exciting...

Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters cavorted, cajoled and careened around the Time room of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium... until 6am... yes it was a long strange evening preceeded by a long strange day of preparation. Making art is hard work!

Kesey directed the dayglo painting of large sheets of plastic that hung in the spacious fourth floor wing of the Auditorium. They were lit by more than a dozen black lights. A small stage was adorned by two large clocks whose hands were spinning in the opposite direction... because it was about TIME!!! The vibe in the room was most definitely psychedelic.

Kesey, Babbs, George, and Phil improvised a litany of riffs over the sound system accompanied by the musical jamming of John Swan, Eli Babbs and Simon Babbs and the incomparable Steve Schuster. Roy Sebern, Mike Hagen, Zonker, Zane and Stephanie Kesey, and other Pranksters filled the void as the Pranksters turned blandness into a most interesting and stimulating environment.

The riffs from the stage were inseparable from what comes out of the Bus as it careens around the planet.

Preceeding the appearance of Jane's Addiction, Kesey led the Pranksters dressed all in black onto the main stage and performed an extemporaneous exposition about John Kennedy's assassination, it being the anniversary of Kennedy's death.The rap was accompanied by Zagruder film footage and followed by a transition in Prankster style into the song from Hair: Let The Sunshine In, while shedding the black for flourescent costumes.

And then it was Perry's turn... WOW...

photo by J. Tayloe Emery

This comes from J. Tayloe Emery:

Farrell bedecked in a delightfully tight, shiny-blue two-piece mini prances from riser to stage with his hands held high and a set of black lace wings attached to his back. The hair is sticking out like an old broom, weaved spindles of hair and neon cord shoot out of his head.

Farrell takes to one of the on-floor scaffolds to sing. During the song, a fan climbs up on top of the scaffolding and dances with Perry for a few minutes before jumping dangerously into the upstretched hands of the crowd fifteen feet below.

The band finishes the night staggering, because, Really, when you are staring at two incredibly beautiful,half-naked girls wrapped around each other while Navarro tongues one of their ears and Farrell humps the other...

photo by J.Tayloe Emery


The Pranksters took census of the event and came to the conclusion that aliens were indeed in evidence and that YES...the Bus is now headed back to from where it came with all velocity. The Prankster art debris has been swept and now it is time to once again go Further... than we've gone before.

The ENIT was very much fun!!!

--Are We Really?


ecstatic knitting
or knitting of energy

-- Perry Farrell


Some fun, that "enit". First let me rag my whine, then move on to the encomnia. The scene with passes was as usual an angst filled nightmare of insider-outsider. Always an outsider, I still don't like to be reminded of the fact. Additionally, I was carrying the guilt of having an extra body along, forbidden in advance. There is something about passes that reminds me of The Third Man creeping through the sewers of Vienna,waiting for the tap on the shoulder "Your papers, bitte!" But I'm not bitte.

Now, with a bile cleansed palette....

The "enit" crowd appeared to be skinhead, pierced, tatooed, wastrel toughs at first, but soon revealed themselves to be essentially decent interested in enjoying themselves, doing no harm. Very similar, I thought, to the old Avalon, Fillmore crowds.

Wandering the pit, however, I couldn't help but notice that I was dwarfed in size by most of the teen teems. Is gravity and age drawing me downward to dust one inch at a time, or has Macburgergrazing not only produced an obese generation but one whose spawn gained a half foot in the height in expectation of continued massive calorie availability?

I learned at the feet of the master-Hagen that rules about not mixing types of liquors, the importance of mixers, ice, utensils, in fact all non-alchohol content factors, are mere mythic rituals to be ignored in pursuit of the essential ingestion of potential buzz. Learned that backstage catering ain't what it used to be, and that old fish and undifferentiated side dish melange in styrofoam stopped hunger cramps even as it did nothing to elevate dignity. Wondered if the sole BGP contribution to my creature comfort-ten cases of bottled water arriving at 2 am, was in fact delightfully ironic sarcasm.

Was impressed by the bass response and power of the sound system, the plethora of mighty wheeled pleasure domes one of which must have been allotted to each member of both bands.

Jane's Addiction put on a hell of a show visually and aurally. Both stadium rock and porno theatre are not in my areas of discrimination, but I sensed quality here. The sound was much better on the floor than in the balconies, but the crowd was too packed in on the floor to feel comfortable there. The bass player, one Flea by name, I know to be a master of his instrument,The balence between subservience to the common goal-- the sound of the whole band, and virtuosity which essentially draws attention to one person is tricky, especially for a bass player.

The time room was really impressive at invoking a proud past. My friend Julia Brigdon (Girl Freiberg in an earlier incarnation) was dragged 50 miles by husband Mick, who works at BGP, though not on this gig, just to see the room, so impressed was he.

I thought the Kennedy (there was a true villain) prankster rap was very successful. The room was the right size. Big enough to create an audience with a group-think, but small enough so it could hear and see clearly.

-- Steve Schuster



This year's one-date-only Enit Festival in San Francisco on Nov. 22. will take place on two floors of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium with Kesey and Bus and PRANKSTERS joining cosmic forces with Jane's Addiction. Funky Tekno Tribe, Goldie, and Res Fest round out the bill.

Kesey and the Pranksters will be running The Time Room, wherein vidies and audios and projections will be running through times past, times present and times future. Add to that mix the voices and presence of the Prankster themselves with their instruments and costumes and imaginations and you can guess the results: Pandemonium Magnifique!

Showtime is at 9 p.m., and the music, food, and dancing will go until 6 a.m.

The Bill Graham Civic Center will be broken up into the Raktavsa (pleasure chamber), Gallery of Installations (fantastic fronds) and the Smart Bar (where revelers will be regaled with fresh fruits, pure water, tea and munchie-sensual treats).

This year, Planet Earth ENIT strives to combine the elements of art, music, nature and underground grovelings in one large organic hole.

Look for a video offering of the ENIT on these pages very soon.

-- Ken Babbs


It's about TIME

The ENIT Festival is held in the cosmos celebrating how advanced and peaceful beings throughout the Universe are. The people of the Earth are excluded from the ENIT Festival because the rest of the cosmos thinks we are gregarious. Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction decided to show the other beings of the cosmos that earthlings can in fact evolve and show traits of good will so we can be accepted into the Universal ENIT!!!

Yes, that is all fine and good but what does the word enit
actually mean?

Many hispanics call one another by that word, "dat babe a real fox, enit."

Or as a conversational word pause.

Maybe it is an acronym, one of those things where each letter stands for something, like,
Ecology Never Influenced Tyrants.

The context in which it occurs is like, I'm at a bar and I overhear two guys talking computereeze and I ease in and say,
"I just reset my cache at 2M, enit, and they look at me like I'm garbled and the one goes, "refresh your screen, dingbat", it's not enit, it's esse."

"Hey, I knew that, esse." At which time I broke into song:

"There ain't nobody here but us bozos,
there aint nobody here but us.
So stop that fuss
get back on the bus
the only bozos here are us."

He took a large children's pool and laid a mirror on the bottom. A light from the ceiling shone down on it and the reflection shot back up to the ceiling. His puppets flew over it and we all watched their shadows fly above us. He dropped different dies and food colorings into the water and it was a lot like liquid oil projection but bigger and a little less oily.

"The oily boid catches the woim, esse."

At this point a gent called Bear interjected with:
"Enit is a word used in conjunction with the universally appreciated subject of cuisine. The word is actually "tine" spelled backwards and refers to a part of a utilitarian article sometimes referred to as a "fork", which some primitive peoples used to impale portions of food during the act of ingestion. The inversion is a ritual way of giving obsure emphasis. I believe it is a residual part of a ritual victualler's greeting: 'Enit par gusto, esse!'"

"Another possible derivation of "enit" is from "init?" as spoken originally in cockney England, being an elision of "isn't it?" and used interrogatively to mean, more or less, "Don't you see the truth of this, damned fool." This is something those Enits might be saying, init?"
Alan Trist the transported Brit said.

"We all entered through the same door, the same entance, and
basically we all will 'ventually go out the same exit...BUT, in the meantime we are somewhere between the ENtrance, and the exIT, thus ENIT contains this place that exists here on earth (most of the time) between them two doors in and out of here."
So sayeth Louis Pearl.

Because everyone must get Swan... John Swan intercedes with "What's enit for me?"

Kathy Harrington's hip:

"I bet you picked up on enit from reading Sherman Alexie. Sherman is an enrolled Spakane/Cour D'Alene Indian from Willpinnit Washington on the Spokane Indian reservation. The word is used everywhere in his book, Reservation Blues. It stuck with me, too. Like what the hell does it mean? And how do you pronounce it? He sure wasn't going to explain it to my honky ass.
It's like Montezuma's revenge, enit?"

Could be. Here's what Sherman Alexie says in his book:
"A long time ago, two boys lived on a reservation. One was an Indian named Beaver, and the other was a white boy named Wally. Both loved to fancydance, but the white boy danced a step fancier. When the white boy won contests, all the Indian boys beat him up. But Beaver never beat up on the white boy. No matter how many times he got beat up, that white boy
kept dancing." Thomas opened his eyes, smiled, and shrugged his shoulders.
"Wally and Beaver were half-brothers, enit?" Chess asked. "You got it." "What's that mean?" "Don't know. Maybe it means drums make everyone feel like an Indian."

Trevor Olson has this take on the word:
"Enit is actually pronounced quite differently over the north border (eenit). although I have heard that the word was widely used prehistorically, I am unable to verify this.

"Sometimes it's used in a partially empathetic or unsympathetic way, 'Holy shit, you're really enit now, man!'"

Mystic has this to say:
"A buddy of mine came back from Enit here on the East Coast last summer raving that
he had seen the future of psychedelphia and it was to be found at Enit. He was borderline evangelical, with that magic spark in his eye. Keep the lasagna flying, enit."

All is revealed,
finally (har!)
in this book which was the source for Enit:

"The most happy of all religious festivals is the festival of Enit."

Now comes Steve Schuster with this:

Observing the amateur entomological exercises conducted on "enit"'s derivation shows just how dangerously inaccurate untrained wordsleuths can be. In an era of "herstory" can we now expect "ernit", and then only a stoned's throw to "hairnet"?

"Enit" surely derives from the Indo-arryan-proto-ur root "Glodsnik", meaning "festival of peace with aliens." Although this form of the word never appears in any language, its phonetic derivatives, following the normal rules of stem development appear in the early Scythian (c.300BCE) "Vloodstock" meaning "come together to get swacked," The transferenceof the "GL "sound to "VL" is a typical pre- omicron delta mutation. Theshift then to the Dorian form (c.200BCE)"Lalplusa" (meaning pay big bucks to get swacked) is more obvious in the reversion to the by nowcliched transference of "VL" to "LA ". This transference is bestmirrored in our modern entomorphic shift of the urbonym "Vladivostok" to the sister city in Southern Cal-Los Angeles, or, "LA".

The final shift to "enit" comes from the solecistic variation of the Oklahoma town of "Enid" wherein the eponymously named "Lalapoloosa" festival reached its greatest heights (as measured by themedic/counseling/talk down/thorazine figures, and a "coincidental" post Roswell high of alien anal probe abduction reports which occurred ON THE SAME DAY.

This derivation of "enit" is surely definitive, and anyone who reads medieval german is welcome to the bibliography of my references. When will you people learn to trust AUTHORITY?

Yes, when?